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What is the e-Office?

What is the e-Office?

The e-Office is a space for interacting with the public.

Act 39/2015 recognises the public's right to interact with government agencies by electronic means in order to exercise the rights considered in Article 13 of the same law.

Article 38 of Law 40/2015 provides that the e-Office is an electronic address available to the public via telecom networks, whose ownership corresponds to a government agency, or to one or several public bodies or public-law entities in exercising its powers (in this case, ENAIRE). The e-Offices shall have systems enabling secure communications to be established, provided they are necessary.

The establishment of an e-Office entails the responsibility of the holder as regards the integrity and authenticity of the information and services that can be accesses through the same, as well as the responsibility to keep it up-to-date.

Each government agency shall determine the conditions and instruments for creating e-Offices, subject to the principles of transparency, advertising, responsibility, quality, security, availability, accessibility, neutrality, and interoperability. In any case it shall guarantee the identification of the body that owns the office and make available means for submitting suggestions and complaints.

The publication in e-Offices of information, services and transactions shall respect the principles of accessibility and use in accordance with regulations established in this regard, open regulations and, where applicable, other regulations for general use by the public.

To identify and ensure secure communication with e-Offices, recognised or qualified authentication certificates for websites or equivalent media shall be used.

The establishment of e-Offices is covered in Article 38 of Law 40/2015.