ATFM exemption for medical and/or humanitarian flights

ATFM Slot exemption usage form

  • WARNING! Due to technical issues that affect time for submitting the application form, we recommend that you have all the information ready to be able to fill out the form in the shortest possible time.


IFR flights departing from airports located within Spanish territory will be entitled to ATFM exemptions as established in Article 29 of Royal Decree 1180/2018.

In particular in order to make use of ATFM exemptions with STS/ATFMX indicator in the following circumstances:

  1. Medical flights specifically declared by the medical authorities, including those for the transfer of organs or transplant equipment and positioning flights if required by the situation ("STS/HOSP" indicator).
  2. Flights operating for humanitarian reasons ("STS/HUM" indicator).

The flight operator must present ENAIRE with the  ATFM exemption for a medical and/or humanitarian flights form using the "Acceder al Procedimiento" button, providing full information about the operation, and also accreditation of the nature and urgency of the flight through certification, as applicable, by the medical team attending the patient (Medical Certificate) or the person responsible for the transplant operation (Certificate For Transplant Operation), or by the United Nation Agencies or other organisations responsible for the humanitarian programmes or actions linked to those flights. In this latter case, the operator is also provided with a certificate template to be used if it does not have its own version (Humanitarian Action Certificate).


The form and documentation must be submitted 24 hours in advance of departure or, in exceptional circumstances if the nature of the flight does not allow such advance notice, at the latest within the following 72 hours.


The full procedure can be found in the Procedure for ATFM exemptions.
Documentation to be provided: Certificate templates to complete and attach.

Medical Certificate.

Certificate for transplant operation.

Humanitarian action certificate.


 Data controller: ENAIRE. |Purpose: To process and manage the request for ATFM departure slot exemption for medical and/or humanitarian flights. |Lawful basis: Processing is necessary for the performance of a task carried out for reasons of public interest or in the exercise of official authority vested in the controller: EU Regulation No. 255/2010.  |Recipients: The communicating of data to AESA and to various competent bodies and agencies both within and outside the European Union is foreseen, in accordance with air safety requirements. |Rights: Access, rectification, erasure, and other rights set out in the data protection regulations in force, where applicable, to be exercised before the ENAIRE Central Data Protection Unit (UCPD), at Avenida de Aragón 330 - Edificio 2 - 28022 Madrid, or via its Online Portal (

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